The YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL we installed in Fountain Square seven years ago has been taken down due to safety concerns. It had badly deteriorated, was no longer safe, and needed to be removed. We have plans to bring it back and make it better than ever with metal letters and solar powered LEDs to light it up at night, but we need your support to make that dream a reality. Please donate today so we can bring back this Indianapolis landmark in a big way.

Donors at each level of contribution to fund the restoration and lighting of the YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL installation in Fountain Square will receive these cards as a thank you gift. Photo by Dawn Olsen.

5x7YAB card
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Last night during a blustery Halloween in Fountain Square, our fear became a reality. The seven year old YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL installation lost part of a letter. Clearly, it won’t survive another Indiana winter. Our first goal is to make it safe again by replacing the letters with more durable metal letters within the next month. When we receive enough funding, we’ll light it up so it will shine throughout the night.

This installation has brought so much joy and positive affirmation to countless people, we just can’t let her go down like that.

Holly explains the project details in this short video (~1 1/2 min).

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Stickers Saved My Life


Photo by Big Car

TEDxIndianapolis was a huge success! Holly gave her TED talk to a packed audience at approximately 9:30 and simply put, killed it. The audience laughed, applauded, cried, and even stood to their feet and shouted, “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL”. Keep an eye out for the official TED video to be released in the next month or so. We will need your help to get her video to go viral, so we’ll be asking you to share it with your friends.


Photo by Big Car

The #MononLoveTrain

Peat Wollaeger aka Mr. EYEz is bringing the Love Train to town. Yesterday we got to paint with him, and this is how it went down.

Our First First Friday was AWESOME

Photo by Emily Schwank, Raincliffs Photography

Department of Public Words’ first First Friday at the Murphy was a huge success. A big thanks to everyone who came out and to everyone who helped us get the new space ready. We couldn’t do it without you. Also, a huge THANK YOU to Emily Schwank who captured the event with her amazing photography. Throughout the evening as people flooded in Emily observed people walking in together and asked them, “Do you know each other?”. Many of them responded that they did. She continued by asking, “Is there something on this wall of messages that you feel that this person needs to know?”. Their responses ranged from little giggles to a tear welling up in their eye. She had one of them turn their back as the other selected a message and then repeated the same for the other person. Without either seeing the messages chosen she would instruct them to back up to one another for a photograph and then captured their reaction when she asked them to show each other their messages. It is a powerful thing to see people sharing what they may have needed to say for years. Hugging, kissing, smiling, laughing, and tears of joy all happened.

Photo by Emily Schwank, Raincliffs Photography

Photo by Emily Schwank, Raincliffs Photography

It is our purpose at the Department of Public Words to empower people to words they may not have the voice to say, but through our encouragement we provide them with a priceless opportunity to share their heart.

In addition, Autumn Keller of ISIBEAL studio created incredibly Beautiful Moments in our studio and around the Murphy.


Autumn Keller of ISIBEAL studio

See a sneak preview of the First Friday photos here.