I Love You Stickers


Words have power. When Alden was 6 years old, he told us that he felt like people don’t hear the words, “I love you”, enough. He wanted to do something about it. So we had him write the words on a piece of paper, and we scanned them into the computer and made him some stickers. He’s handed them out over the last 4 years. Random strangers in restaurants who had been sad would look down at him, smile, and say, “Thank you. I love you too!” Some of them even cried or gave him a hug. That first batch of stickers is all gone, and now at age 10, Alden wants to make some new ones. Please support his effort to bring smiles and love to the people around us by clicking this┬álink to donate $10 or more to help him make his dream a reality. And when you do, you’ll get 20 stickers to share with your loved ones and maybe even a few strangers.

Click here for stickers.

I am SUPER mural at Brookside Park


We worked with the SUPER campers at J. H. Boner Community Center’s Boneroo summer camp at Brookside Park to produce this 4′ x 8′ I AM SUPER mural. We helped the campers stamp their names on the background with paint and then spray painted the words, “I AM SUPER” on top because we want them all to identify and embrace their own unique SUPER powers!

Happy Spring! #HOPE2015


You Are Beautiful Sunflower Mural designed by FAB Crew


Neighborhood of Hope mural designed by Justin Cooper and Cheerie Ralston

On Saturday, May 2nd we worked with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful to celebrate West Indianapolis through the efforts of Mayor Ballard and the Great Indy Cleanup. Due to rain on April 25th we rescheduled our mural painting day to coincide with iFred‘s Global Day For Hope to raise depression treatment awareness. We worked with about 10 community volunteers to paint these sunflower murals as a symbol of hope. For more information about the Great Indy Cleanup visit KIB’s website here.


Community Volunteers Working Together




The YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL installation is back and now better than ever! This time we used metal letters and mounted them with aluminum frames for each letter so it will last forever. Huge thanks to all the people who donated to bring it back!

Here’s the RTV6 news spot about the return of the YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL installation.

Here’s the time-lapse video of the installation going up.

Donate to help us light it here.



The YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL we installed in Fountain Square seven years ago has been taken down due to safety concerns. It had badly deteriorated, was no longer safe, and needed to be removed. We have plans to bring it back and make it better than ever with metal letters and solar powered LEDs to light it up at night, but we need your support to make that dream a reality. Please donate today so we can bring back this Indianapolis landmark in a big way.

Donors at each level of contribution to fund the restoration and lighting of the YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL installation in Fountain Square will receive these cards as a thank you gift. Photo by Dawn Olsen.

5x7YAB card
Click here to donate and get YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL cards.



Last night during a blustery Halloween in Fountain Square, our fear became a reality. The seven year old YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL installation lost part of a letter. Clearly, it won’t survive another Indiana winter. Our first goal is to make it safe again by replacing the letters with more durable metal letters within the next month. When we receive enough funding, we’ll light it up so it will shine throughout the night.

This installation has brought so much joy and positive affirmation to countless people, we just can’t let her go down like that.

Holly explains the project details in this short video (~1 1/2 min).

Click here to donate for the YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.