Check out this awesome new Indiana YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL Tee designed by our friends at Rivet Merch and made available by our friends at United State of Indiana. Proceeds from the sales of these shirts support the Department of Public Words’ production of more community murals such as the YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL installation in Fountain Square. And don’t forget to get your YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL stickers here.


Let’s all come together in a unified message: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.
Everyone will get a mini YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL sign with February’s You Are Beautiful Every Day subscription.

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We’re asking people to pose with their signs, take a pic, and hashtag it #shareyourYAB and #yabsticker. Once we get enough photos we’ll make a crowd mural similar to the one pictured at the bottom of this post. Look at all the great pics people have submitted so far!

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL photo by Matthew Hoffman

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL photo by Matthew Hoffman

Family Jam Lit Night at Paramount School of Excellence

Family Jam Lit Night at Paramount School of Excellence was a reminder of the sweetness and positivity that children innately have. I traveled to the event with a huge box of markers, a stack of blank stickers and several DPWords signs that say wonderful things on them like: You are Beautiful, Do Great Things, Love etc. tables were set up as an invitation to play and make stickers! Who doesn’t love stickers? I talked about the power of words and how positive messages, like the examples I brought on the signs, uplift people who share those words and the people who hear them. The kids really needed no other prompting. They went to work joyfully making their own stickers with wonderful images. They came up with wonderful words and wrote them on stickers. The adults got involved too and before long everyone was trading stickers, wearing them and giving me lots, lucky me! How cute are these?


You make me SHINE!

paramount positive stickers
It was a joy to work with the families who came out to Family Jam Lit Night. There IS such good in the world, these bright lights of awesome are a great reminder.

Always Choose Love

As we were pulling into a parking space on a crowded evening in Broad Ripple someone quickly cut us off and took our parking space. Instead of getting angry Holly gave the person an I Love You Sticker. We went on with our evening and didn’t think a whole lot about it. When we came back to our car, this note was under our windshield wiper.
Always choose LOVE.

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I Love You Stickers


Words have power. When Alden was 6 years old, he told us that he felt like people don’t hear the words, “I love you”, enough. He wanted to do something about it. So we had him write the words on a piece of paper, and we scanned them into the computer and made him some stickers. He’s handed them out over the last 4 years. Random strangers in restaurants who had been sad would look down at him, smile, and say, “Thank you. I love you too!” Some of them even cried or gave him a hug. That first batch of stickers is all gone, and now at age 10, Alden wants to make some new ones. Please support his effort to bring smiles and love to the people around us by clicking this link to donate $10 or more to help him make his dream a reality. And when you do, you’ll get 20 stickers to share with your loved ones and maybe even a few strangers.

Click here for stickers.