Mission Statement

“Positive words empowering people through art and education.” – Using the power of positive words to build, sustain, and empower community through strategic arts partnerships, mentorships, events, and education.

About Department of Public Words

Through community partnerships, Department of Public Words does the following:

1. Engage the community through art
2. Educate youth in the hope of positive living
3. Inspire adults to reach their life potential
4. Repeat as needed

“We believe that powerful positive messages in public spaces can dramatically impact a community and give hope.” – Holly Combs

The Department of Public Words is an Indianapolis-based organization dedicated to creating positive messages in public spaces through both art and public speaking. Dave and Holly Combs began working with You Are Beautiful in 2007 to create their first public art installation, a 30-foot wide plywood You Are Beautiful sign on the Murphy Art Center building in historic Fountain Square. Since that time, they have produced several other positive message murals and installations in the Indianapolis area and in other cities.
They are currently seeking other organizations with which to partner to create more inspiring words.