Crowd Art Murals

A crowd art mural is a wonderful way to bring together an entire school, community center, business, or other organization to convey a powerful, lasting message in a big way. The Department of Public Words works with your group to produce individual works of art that are all scanned into the computer and incorporated into a beautiful, vibrant, digitally printed mural that is installed inside your building. Before beginning the program we will work to understand your particular group and your organization and develop a custom workshop based on your needs. The final crowd art mural we produce together will be a source of pride and inspiration while nurturing a sense of community and inclusion within your organization.

Below are a few examples of crowd art murals:


Project with Arts for Learning – Photo by Steve Summers


Be a VOICE @ Warren Central High School – Project with Arts for Learning


Live the LEGACY @ CHASE Legacy Center


A letter from a crowd mural participant